Improving Your Online Reputation & Why It’s a BIG Deal

I’m sure by this point you already know that owning a positive online reputation for your business is key. No matter what your business is, managing to have a good online reputation can highly impact your business. It might seem hard to think that you need to be aware of all your social media websites […]

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9 Reasons Why Online Reputation Management Is Not Just for Big Brands

Knowing and being able to manage what others are saying about your business online should be one of your top priorities no matter if you’re a big recognized business, or just a small business. Of course, there is no comparison to how much more careful a big business has to be when it comes to […]

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Is Investing in Online Reputation Management Worth It?

While your main focus is on making sure your customers have the best service and experiences possible, paying attention to what others are saying about you online is important. It’s not enough to have a website for your business that includes testimonials from satisfied patients. You also want to be aware of any comments, pro or con, […]

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Crazy Simple Tools, Methods & Software to Maintain Your Online Reputation

Your products and services are being graded by the online consumer market whether you like it or not. How does a business maintain a reputable online presence, while at the same time not deviating away from their core business function? Below are tools, methods, and software services to help you achieve a positive online reputation, […]

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8 Key Impacts Online Reviews Have on Small Businesses

Keeping your customers happy is first and foremost as small business owners and allowing them to easily access and leave you feedback or reviews online should be a very close second priority. Allowing your customers to quickly leave reviews helps in sustaining and growing your business through free marketing and virtual word-of-mouth referrals.

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11 Facts Regarding Online Reviews, SEO, & Customer Psychology

1) 3 in 5 Americans (59%) are willing to try a new brand, company, or product for a better service experience – American Express Survey 2) In 2011, 7 in 10 Americans said they are willing to spend more $ with companies they believe provide excellent customer service – American Express Survey 3) 91% of […]

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Small Business Owners Need to Know These 7 Facts about Online Reviews

1. You Need to Know Just How Important Online Reviews Can Be for a Business The first fact that any business owner needs to know about online reviews is that online reviews are very important. Apparently, only about half of business owners believe this, while according to a 2013 survey by Yodle, the buying decisions of […]

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