Reviews Matter: How to Get Online Reviews & How They Impact Your Business

Reviews Matter- How to Get Online Reviews...As you may already know customer reviews are essential for the success or failure of your business. It has been mentioned before; customer reviews are great influencers when a customer is deciding to purchase that product or service. Therefore, you want to have reviews on your website, and preferably positive reviews. Asking your customers to leave you a review is something that you would want to do continuously. Their feedback should be very valuable to you and to the success of your business.

Never been a fan of online reviews? How do you start now?

 If you never had online reviews from your customers or never been interested in getting them, then it is time for you to get started on that. So what are some ways that you can start obtaining reviews? When you have your customers at your store, you can start by personally asking them first. Ask them what they think of your business; what things you are doing good, and what you can improve on. Everyone likes their opinion to be heard, so they will happily answer these questions for you. This is a good way to know what your customers think, but the end goal is not for only you to know but other potential clients as well. That is when online reviews come into play.

 How can you incorporate online reviews to your business?

 There are many ways in which you can start using online reviews for your business. If it’s something your new on, you first have to inform the clients so they know about this new procedure. How can you inform them? You can personally tell them about the online review section on your website, and if they would like to leave a review there based on their experience doing business with you. You can also add a small advertisement on the back of your receipt explaining the customer on how they can leave a review. People are driven by incentives, so if they are you should take advantage if this in some way. Offer them a discount on their next service with you after leaving their online review. It is guaranteed that they will be motivated to leave a review and a positive one.

Once you see that your customers are giving you feedback on your website, then you should start considering creating a profile on other social media sites for your business. If you have already done so, make sure that others are noticing you. How can other clients notice you? Easy, by having reviews from your customers. There are many online review sites that people look at before making business with a company. According to Forbes Magazines, some of the most popular sites that people look at the most are Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google Plus. Getting customers to post their feedback on these online review sites can help you be noticed in the midst of your competitors.

So how do get reviews on sites like these and are they all profitable for your business?

  • Yelp is the largest review site for local businesses.

Who should use Yelp: Every local, service-based business, but particularly those targeting consumers in the 25-34 age category. A big percentage of Yelp users are college educated and over half have a household income of $75,000 or more. Therefore, if your business is targeting middle-upper class demographic, it should definitely have a strong presence on this platform.

How do you obtain reviews on Yelp: Find and claim your Yelp business page, put a Yelp badge on your site, print and display positive Yelp reviews in your store or office, and add a Yelp link in your email signature and/or newsletter.

  • Angie’s List is a user-pay review service, but is free for businesses.

Who should use Angie’s List: Reviews for service-based businesses such as plumbers, realtors and mechanics, as well as health care professionals like massage therapists, doctors and physiotherapists are best accepted on this site.

How do you obtain reviews on Angie’s List: Angie’s List encourages businesses to ask customers to leave reviews on the site. The site also offers the fetch program as a way to collect reviews from your customers. After submitting your customer list, the Angie’s List team will phone those who are also Angie’s List users to request feedback on your business.

  • Google Plus users can post reviews and photos of local businesses, and the results of these reviews impact the search results of those whom they’re connected to.

Who should use Google Plus: Local businesses should absolutely have one. Listing your business is free, and listings tend to rank very highly in search results.

How to get Google Plus reviews: Asking your customers to leave a positive review will be your best bet. Regardless of the medium you use to do this – email, social media, your website, etc. – make sure you link to your actual review page.

These are only a few sites where customers can leave feedback of your business. Make sure that you take advantage of these websites and encourage your customers to leave reviews for you. This will not only increase your customer base, but it will help you improve in what you are lacking now.

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