Is Investing in Online Reputation Management Worth It?

While your main focus is on making sure your customers have the best service and experiences possible, paying attention to what others are saying about you online is important. It’s not enough to have a website for your business that includes testimonials from satisfied patients. You also want to be aware of any comments, pro or con, that are floating around on various sites and this is where the concept of reputation management comes into play.

What is Reputation Management?

This particular type of business tool is intended to help businesses of any type enhance their reputation on the Internet. The general process involves reviewing anything that is written about the business and determining what needs to be done in order to minimize the impact of any reviews or comments that may not be particularly glowing, yet maximize on the positive and endorsement reviews.

This means that a professional who knows how to manage this process will be on the lookout for any online content that happens to mention your business or an employee, possibly. This will include any posts on social networking sites, comments left on different types of review websites, and even comments that may be left on the blog that you operate in tandem with your website.

The goal is to call attention to what your business has to offer, the resources used to provide support to customers, and in general, help promote all the reasons why your customers, patients or clients keep coming back.

Increasing Visibility in a Good Way

Many people rely heavily on the Internet when seeking professional services, including other business owners, like you. Those consumers may be new to the community, or feel the need to make a change for some reason.

Whatever the underlying cause, they will turn to the Internet and conduct searches about you, your business, your services, and look to read reviews before making a decision to contact you. The right type of reputation management strategy will ensure that they see quite a few good things before they happen to encounter anything that is negative, if you happen to have poor reviews on large sites like Google+, Yelp, Facebook, CitySearch, or the like.

Enhancing your reputation is not just about finding ways to call attention to what your practice has to offer. Rather, it is about helping you establish an online presence where none exists.

Far too many small business owners assume that the lack of quick information about the company is a good thing. Wrong!

In fact, if you do not have a presence online, people who would be willing to contact your business may choose to go elsewhere. We can bet on it.

The simple fact is that if someone searches online for information about you and finds no reviews at all, they are more likely to think that you are too inexperienced, your company is brand new, or that you may be about to go out of business.  Any of these three assumptions can be enough to discourage a potential new customer from making a decision to reach out.

When reputation management is focused on building your brand online, it will involve making sure your website places high with the SERPS (search engine result pages).

Comments from willing customers or patients can be secured and crafted into well-written endorsements that appear on review sites. The management process can even mean making use of social networking sites as a way to connect with potential clients and also collect feedback from your existing clientele.

Recycle Online Reviews to Your Benefit

The true beauty in online reviews is they can be used over and over throughout all of your marketing strategies. As they are public and anyone can read them, you should take advantage and highlight endorsements and personal or other company references within your print marketing materials, a radio ad, TV advertisement, an e-Newsletter mentioning the positive experience a client had with you. Anything you want!

Make your earned online reviews continuously work for you!

If You Don’t, Someone Else Will

If you don’t take steps to engage in online reputation management, someone else will do it for you.

Those one-sided rants will leave the impression that new clients should avoid your business at all costs.  Investing in a professional reputation and review marketing software will provide positive information about your business will pay off in a big way, by drawing in people who feel your company and services are worth trying.

Give us some of your thoughts below in the comments about investing in online reputation management and monitoring.

Is it worth it to you? To your clients? To your customers?

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