How to Use Customer Feedback to Help Improve your Small Business

RP blog post (1)Customer feedback is becoming crucial to the success of a business. That is why businesses are finding new ways every day to satisfy their customers. A happy customer means positive feedback towards your business. Whether you like it or not, customers are publishing their feedback anywhere it is available for them to do so. Many have seen their business hurting because of negative feedback that was left about their business. When customers read about the bad experiences, they stop themselves from visiting that business or acquiring services from that specific business.

Negative feedback doesn’t always have to hurt you and your business. Many times it is because of negative feedback that many businesses have improved their services and the way they interact with their clients. So, all feedback is good for your business, but you need to learn how to handle all types of feedback to make the most out of them. Customers will always complain, so lets find a way to turn those complaints into improvements for your business.

You may be wondering, “How can negative feedback improve my business?”

When the negative feedback strikes you, learn from them and strive to correct any shortages in your business that relate to that negative feedback. If you simply decide to ignore those negative comments then you will never experience growth. It may be hard to think how you can grow based on a negative comment. As much as it may hurt to read negative comments, if you take them with a positive attitude then you will be determined to turn those negative comments into positive ones. Once you are decided to do that, you will begin to look and take the appropriate measures to improve those negative experiences that your clients previously had.

What if I only have positive feedback? How can I improve something that is already working right?

If your business has only received positive feedback then, lucky you! It means you are doing something right. But, there is always room for improvement. Go back and read what your customers are saying, take note on what they are commenting on the most and what they are not mentioning at all. With what they are talking the most about and saying how much they love that service or product, think of new ways that you can improve that already “loved” product by the customers. Since you also took note on what the customers are not really talking about, then think of ways that you can make those products stand out just like the others already are. Implement new marketing strategies for those specific products or you could simply market them more on your social media websites. These are only a couple ways that help you make those already happy customers become more satisfied with your business.

What if I am not getting feedback from all of my customers?

Just as it was mentioned before, customer feedback is crucial for the improvement of your business. It might be the case that not all the customers you serve are providing their feedback about your business. Fortunately, there are several ways & incentives you can use to get feedback from your customers.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, these are some tips you could use to obtain customer feedback:

  1. Take an online survey: You could have your customer answer a survey online by providing a link on their receipt that will lead them to your survey.
  2. Take an online poll: People love to voice their opinion, and they are more likely to do so when the form is short and sweet. That is why polls are effective and you can just post it on your website or Facebook page!
  3. Ask what else you should do: Don’t just ask for feedback about the one product the customer just purchased. Ask them what else you could do to improve your business. Once again, customers love to voice their opinion.
  4. Offer a prize: Reward the customer for leaving you feedback. Makes sense right? They give you something & you give them something back! They will sure come back to visit.
  5. Give every participant something: Come up with a one-day giveaway for every customer who offers you some feedback in a 24-hour period. These may take a time or money investment, but people are driven by incentives, so they will sure love to provide you with feedback in exchange of something.
  6. Check your feedback on other platforms: Not just focus on one of social media websites. Remember that customers voice their opinions on any website that is available to them.
  7. Create a community: Create a community forum where customers can talk to each other and discuss how the products are working for them. Based on these comments you may be able to obtain more honest opinions that the customer probably wouldn’t have told you directly.

These are only a few ways were you could get feedback from customers that don’t usually provide one. Never take any feedback given to you for granted or categorize it as unimportant. Whether is extremely short or way too long, always give them your attention. Not everything said might be relevant to you or your business, but there is always something that you can use for new ideas to improve you r business.  Customers love seeing that a business is not only listening to them, but also putting that feedback into action.

Customer feedback can make a remarkable difference in the improvement of your small business. So, make sure that you are listening to your customers and improving based on their feedback. If you haven’t been paying attention to their feedback, get in the habit of doing so, no matter if all you receive is positive feedback. Remember, there is always room for improvement!

Go back and read all the reviews from your social media websites and find out what you have already implemented and what you can do in the future to improve your business based on your customer feedback.

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