Customer Satisfaction: How to Keep Your Customers Happy When They Give You A Good Review

Customer SatisfactionCustomer satisfaction should be our number one priority. A potential happy customer can become a potential positive online review. What business owner doesn’t like to receive positive reviews? The more positive reviews you obtain, the more likely will your business succeed. Online reviews have become one of the most important sources of information for customers when deciding whether to purchase an item or not. This means that your business should be at its optimal performance, so that your customers are happy.

What can you do if your online reviews haven’t been the best lately?

 It’s okay, we can’t all get the best reviews all the time. Sometimes it’s hard for the customer to understand that we did our best even if his or her needs were not completely satisfied. So what do you do when a customer leaves a negative review online? There are many ways how you can handle this situation, but never get back to a customer when you are upset. That will just create a bigger issue for your company’s online reputation. The most important thing you can do to fix this issue is asking the customer what you did wrong, and what you can do to make it better next time. When you ask the customer for their opinion, he or she will feel important and will feel like you care about him or her personally. Tell the customer that the issue is going to get better for next time that they visit. This will give the customer the assurance that something is getting done. These are only a couple ways that you can handle an unhappy customer.

But, what if your customers are happy & they are giving you good online reviews?

 First off, that is amazing! Who doesn’t like to see that all your customers are happy! Keep doing what you have been doing & always find ways to make yourself better. There is always room for improvement. If your customers see that you constantly keep improving, then there is no doubt that they will keep coming and keep giving you positive reviews. Just as much you love seeing how your customers reward you with positive reviews, don’t you think these loyal customers should also be rewarded in some way?

People love incentives; we are driven by incentives. If you give them something in return for what they did, they are most likely to do it again. So why not work with incentives and reward your customers for the positive reviews they are giving you?

So what can you do to reward these loyal customers?

There are many things that you can do at your store or online to reward your customers. According to Social Media Examiner, rewarding your customers is a way to build customer base and keep them coming back for more, and they share a couple of ways that you can socially reward your customers.

  1. All the world’s a game: Collecting stickers, badges, pins, medals, stamps, etc… can be a way to build a competitive spirit within your customers that will make them keep coming back for more. This strategy is perfect for businesses that thrive on frequent repeat could be used to reward repeat purchases, similar to the idea of “buy 5 coffees, get 1 free”, or to reward customers for recommending friends to your business. The more possible ways a customer can interact with your products the more opportunity you have for developing an engaging reward system using any of these methods.
  1. Digital discounts: You may want to offer discounts in your physical store, which users can print from your website, which will drive traffic to your site and sales to your store. You could also offer regular discounts or special offers to your email subscriber list.
  1. Content-creation competitions: A great prize will encourage people to enter a competition. Giving away free products or services may be enough to encourage consumers to make a short video or take a picture, and ask their friends to vote for them.
  1. Involving your customers in advertising and promotions: Whether it is a billboard designer, a spokesperson in TV or radio or a model for your poster advertisement, offering customers their own “15 minutes of fame” is sure to be reward for their efforts in promoting your brand.
  1. Collecting suggestions and ideas: Collect ideas and suggestions for improvement from your customer base, and allow other users to vote on suggestions they agree with. The most popular ideas are then implemented throughout your store.
  1. Thank you goes a long way: This is the easiest, yet most overlooked way of rewarding a customer. Listen to your customers and reward them by taking their suggestions onboard and finding a way to execute them. If you send out an email newsletter to subscribers, add a discount coupon and then thank them for subscribing. You can also use social media to thank your customers personally by reaching out to them.

These are only a couple of ways that you can implement in order to reward your customers not only for their positive feedback, but for being a loyal customer. Once they see that you are finding ways to involve them even more, then they will surely come back to you and they will recommend your friends to you. You are not only building trust within your customers, but your customer base is increasing as well.

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