Create Lasting Trust & Authority for Your Website with Online Reviews

Create Lasting Trust & Authority for

Wouldn’t it be a dream to only have positive online reviews throughout your websites? That is for sure every business owner’s dream. Customer reviews are becoming more important every day in terms of selecting a business online. This happens because customers are always in search of the best service experience. In fact, according to the American Express Survey (2011), 3 in 5 Americans (59%) would try a new brand or company for a better service experience. Giving your customers the best service experience should be your number one priority. This will prevent any negative or nasty online reviews from your customers posted on your website or social media sites.

Of course, as much as we try we can’t always suffice our customers’ expectations. When a customer feels that his expectations were not met, then they usually proceed to leave a negative review on your website. It is hard to build trust and authority for your website when you have several negative online reviews.

So, you may ask yourself “How do I create trust & authority for my website with online reviews if I already have negative reviews?”

It certainly is challenging for a customer to trust you for business if they read a negative review about your business. Especially now that 58% of Americans perform online research about the products and services that they are considering purchasing. But don’t worry, a few negative reviews doesn’t mean complete failure for your business. There are always steps you can take in order to improve based on the negative reviews. Knowing what is being said about your company online allows you to see where you are succeeding and where you need improvement.

So what can you do in order to help your website gain and maintain the trust of its audience?

When a website is trusted, it will undeniably receive more visitors. Not only that, but it can build a bigger audience, and eventually become more profitable. But trust has to be earned.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, these are a couple of ways that you can use to build trust for your website:

  1. Remain genuine: By keeping your voice authentic you are earning the readers’ trust because you are respecting their sensitivities and intelligence.
  2. Initiate two-way conversations: If a reader comments on a blog from your website, don’t hesitate to respond. When the reader sees that you are taking the time to respond, it makes them feel like you genuinely care about the person reading it.
  3. Share testimonials and social proof: Make sure to accentuate, celebrate and share big accomplishments from your website. They are extremely important for attracting more viewers and building trust.
  4. Be transparent: Keeping an honest website will allow to gain readers’ trust. Make sure you take criticism, if any, and if your website makes a mistake, acknowledge it.
  5. Create visibility: One of the best ways to boost the visibility of your website is by using social media. People on social media are potential customers and by engaging with them on social media, you can build your network while accumulating trust.

If you demonstrate throughout your website that you truly care about your audience, then this audience will begin to trust you, your website, and your brand.

So, you now have an idea how to build lasting trust… but, how do you build authority for your website with online reviews?

Building authority is a lot more simple, just simply make sure that your expertise is known throughout your website.  How I mentioned before, knowing what is being said about your company online allows you to see where you are succeeding and where you need improvement. Once you know what you are lacking on, find a way to improve that by using your knowledge and skills. This is the time where you will put your talents and abilities into play, and do what you do best.

Show people what you have accomplished while being in the business. That is the only way that they will truly know that you know what you are doing and they will trust your work even more.

Another way to create lasting authority for you website is by building a website with authority. It doesn’t mean that you need a perfect design; it just means that your focus will be on having a layout that will easily flow, and will make the reader feel “at home” when they visit it.

Make sure you are creating memorable and sharable content. No one will be interested on something they have already seen elsewhere. Be innovative and create content that people will want to share as soon as it comes out. Being featured on media also helps with creating lasting authority for your website, so make sure that you are working your way onto getting featured as often as possible.

No matter what your business is, creating lasting trust & authority for your website by listening to your customers, should be your number one priority. Only then will you know what are your strengths and your weaknesses, and what you can do to improve in the areas that need improvement.

Online reviews can make a difference in the success or failure of your website. Make sure that you are creating lasting trust and authority for you website, which is something that will make your customers content and willing to come back and receive your services.

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