Crazy Simple Tools, Methods & Software to Maintain Your Online Reputation

Your products and services are being graded by the online consumer market whether you like it or not. How does a business maintain a reputable online presence, while at the same time not deviating away from their core business function? Below are tools, methods, and software services to help you achieve a positive online reputation, while still offering your outstanding products and services.

Have Thick Skin
You need to listen to the consumer market and what they are saying about your business and brand. The good always comes with the bad, so be sure to stay positive when reading, listening, and talking to your customer base.

Build on what works and improve on any areas that are lacking. You will not be able to cater to every single need, but generalize and ensure a positive customer experience. Set up a social monitoring system to get better feedback on how well your business is performing. Using alerts, you can listen to the online consumer market anytime your business is mentioned in blogs, forums, or any social media network platform.

Review Primer’s platform allows for monitoring new reviews posted to Google+, Yelp, Yahoo and CitySearch to name a few, which allows you to keep an eye out for both positive and negative reviews in order for you, the business owner, to address quickly and efficiently.

Establish an Online Presence
When starting a business you’ll need to establish a positive online presence from the jump. As the consumer market leans heavier on online reviews, businesses are beginning to allocate more resources to ensure their positive online presence. Below are few examples of how to build your online reputation:

  • Encourage reviews: According to BrighLocal (Local Consumer Review Survey 2014), 88 % of consumers have read reviews to determine the quality of a local business. Reviews are incredibly important to a business, especially if 88% are utilizing them to make purchasing decisions. The key is to encourage all of your customers to review your business/brand via the various review platforms out today. You can also use the Quid Pro Quo method, in which you leave reviews for suppliers/service providers you use as a business and in return they write reviews.
  • Get your business on any and all social platforms NOW: More and more consumers are looking to various social media outlets to review business/brands before making any decisions. By setting up accounts with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitters, Google +etc. you’ll only improve your exposure in the market. You can run promotions or promote new products/services via these Social Media outlets or simply interact with your customer base to ensure all expectations are met.
  • Get your business listed in any local directory: Online directories can help drive more customer traffic to your site through their searches. This can be beneficial for any local business, as only 5% of consumers had not used the internet to find a local business in the last 12 months (down from 15% from 2012) [Source].

Reputation Management Software Solutions

There are a multitude of reputation management software solutions on the market, ranging from the very complex/intuitive to the DIY (Do it yourself). The first step in picking the right RM Software should be your business needs or what you’re trying to accomplish. As a business owner, you’ll need to research and study how reputation management software can help you in the long run or lifetime of your business.

Do I Need Reputation Management Software?

I would say every new/adolescent business needs to at least research how RM can have a positive impact on their business. RM’s allow businesses to gain more online exposure. With resources and time tied up in the start up stages of a business, RM’s can step in to help with building the reputation and or traffic simply by getting reviews. The more reviews, the more exposure.

RM’s can also help in rebuilding your brand if has been damaged in the past. Not saying the RM will go erase any bad reviews, but it will allow an influx of positive reviews to be left when an account is established.

How Do I Know Which RM is a Right Fit?

Majority of the RM solutions out there offer the same services, so it’s up the business to choose the correct one or one that will be the best fit. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!! Set your business goals and see if the RM will either have a positive or adverse affect on those goals. But like I said, make sure you do your diligence and research a potential RMs.

Let us know what you think are other ways you have used or heard about in managing your online reputation using tools, methods or a software solution.

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