4 Reputation Management Hacks on How to Properly Manage Negative Online Reviews

When starting a success business in any industry, one needs to have solid understanding of empathy. You’re goal as a business owner is to satisfy every customer, but let’s face it, not every customer can be satisfied. As a business owner, you’re not only at the mercy of your customers, but also the World Wide […]

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How To Deal With An Upset Customer Without Damaging Your Online Reputation

An unhappy customer should never be your company’s end goal; hopefully it’s no company’s goal. Unfortunately, an unhappy customer will always exist no matter how hard you try to satisfy them. When the customer is unhappy, he or she he might want to let others know about the experience they had doing business with you. […]

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How to Use Customer Feedback to Help Improve your Small Business

Customer feedback is becoming crucial to the success of a business. That is why businesses are finding new ways every day to satisfy their customers. A happy customer means positive feedback towards your business. Whether you like it or not, customers are publishing their feedback anywhere it is available for them to do so. Many […]

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7 Effective Tips for Responding to Negative Online Reviews

Online reputation management is an excellent way to build goodwill with and be educated by vocal customers. It’s important to plan how to respond to negative reviews, however. The Internet is a blunt medium, and while the intention may be to get more positive reviews, it can be misinterpreted. Before getting started, keep three things […]

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