9 Internal & External Marketing Tips to Increase Your Online Reviews

9 external & internal mkt tipsSo, how likely is a person to make business with you based on your online reviews? The answer to that question is… VERY likely!

According to a survey made by Search Engine Land, approximately 72% of consumers surveyed said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, while 52% said that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a local business.

So, having said that I hope you realize the importance of having online reviews displayed on your website. It is good that you personally know how much people love doing business with you, but it is also important that other potential customers see those comments as well.

So you might already have couple of reviews on your website, but you want to be noticed by other people. How do you get your current customers to post on other social media websites for others to come across your business?

This can be achieved through several methods. There is no right or wrong way to accomplish this. You will eventually find one method that works best for your and that is bringing you the most online reviews.

How to Generate Online Reviews for Your Business

The following are ideas that all types of businesses can utilize: 

  • Business owners ask customers for reviews: When you approach the customer directly and ask them to share about their experience on your social media websites, then they will most likely do it because of your personal approach.
  • Create a designated review space on your website: By having this space on your website, the customer will know that if they had a positive experience with you they should share it so other customers know about it.
  • Hand out cards/flyers with instructions on how to leave a review: It might be the case that some customers don’t even know that you own a website. So it would be good to have a couple of cards or flyers that tells the customer where they can find you online, and how they leave a review for your business based on their experience with you.
  • Send an Email Marketing Campaign Promoting Online Reviews: After a customer completes a purchase or service with you, it is important to follow up with an email marketing campaign. The sole purpose of this campaign can be to promote your social media sites and letting the customer know that their feedback is extremely valuable to you. Provide them with all the links to your social media sites so its easier for them to get to the sites.
  • Include Links to Your Review Sites in Your Email Signatures: Always having the links to the sites where customers can leave reviews, will allow the customer to constantly see these sites when they receive an email from you, and will eventually take them to the sites to leave a review.
  • Blog Posts: Write blogs that are all relevant to the services you provide. By doing this you can have your customers write reviews based on how your services were compared to the information on the blog post on how it should have been. By doing this the customers are also very likely to leave you positive and constructive feedback because they will be telling you what you could do better, but also what you did good.
  • Creating short video blogs: In these video blogs, you can ask some of your customers if they would be willing to talk about their experience with you and how doing business with you have fulfilled the need they had when they found you. In this short clips, you can also give quick business advice that relates to your kind of business and post it on your website. This surely will have your customers post reviews about your business.
  • Giving the ability to post review from your website: If you want your customers to leave reviews, make it accessible to them. If they have to look for your review page everywhere in your website, it is very likely that they will just give up and not leave anything for you. But if you provide them with the information and make it accessible then the chances of them doing it are higher.
  • Post about getting reviews on social media: Be straightforward. You can simply post on your social media sites that you would love to have feedback form your customers and they are welcome to post on your social media sites. When one person begins to post, many other will be encouraged to do so as well.

Like I mentioned before, these are only a couple of ideas that can benefit any business and will help increase your online reviews. You can decide to implement them all or just a few. You can even come up with your own.

What is important is that you are finding new ways to obtain online reviews because they will definitely contribute to the success of your business.

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