7 Steps You Can Do Today to Gain More Positive Online Reviews

Business owners need to make sure they are gaining, tracking, and analyzing online reviews. Reviews are essential for the success of a business and are not to be taken lightly. First, you need to ensure your customer base is happy, overall, with the product or service you provide. If your customer is happy, positive online reviews should follow.

Below are 7 quick steps to get positive online reviews for your business.

Step 1 – Pay attention to all reviews, positive or negative. You need to ensure your customers are satisfied with your product or service. I understand this seems like an obvious step, but it’s also one that is quite often overlooked.

Step 2 – No harm in asking your existing customers to leave reviews on their experiences with your business. If you’re providing a product or service, you’ll need to get your customers to place/leave/write reviews, especially in the local market.

Step 3 – Get your name out there! Create multiple social media pages for your business and starting talking/bragging about your business and what you do or provide. Post promotions, sales, offers, or simple updates on locations or hours. Also, when you begin to earn more online reviews, post those as well.

Step 4 – Negative reviews can be the ultimate demise of your business. If you receive a negative review, make a point to attempt to rectify the situation, sooner than later. Respond to the negative review and listen the customer’s feedback. By not responding or rectifying the situation, you’ll become less appealing to that customer and, worse, to other online searchers.  Don’t let the responding stop at negative reviews though. Be sure to stay objective and try to respond to every review (if possible).

Step 5 – Constantly update your public profile. We’re not telling you to rebrand your product or service, but maybe look to incorporate or partner with compatible local businesses. It will allow you to attract more visitors to your website, which in turn could lead to more sales.

Step 6 – Don’t over complicate the review process to your customer. Make it simple and easy for your customers to leave you reviews, like Review Primer does. With the attention span of online consumers, you don’t want to have them jumping through hoops or juggling to get their reviews posted. Either have a link to Google+, Yelp, or Facebook page with some scale rating system or a simple thumbs up/thumbs down with comments.

Step 7 – Do not shy away from asking everyone to review your business after they have had an experience. The more reviews you can get, the better. It’s appealing to online consumers when the see 100 people left reviews, as opposed to 10 or none at all. It shows your popularity and again, your online presence.

The above steps are simply suggestions on how to promote and gain more positive online reviews. There are probably thousands of different combinations on how to obtain more positive online reviews, but I wanted to highlight the few I see making the most impact. Online consumers are looking to trust businesses, especially at the local level, which have a positive online presence and utilize any reviews while making their purchasing decisions.

So, in conclusion, don’t over think or underestimate the power of a positive online review. It can be extremely beneficial to your business and put you on the map.

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