4 Reputation Management Hacks on How to Properly Manage Negative Online Reviews

4 Reputation Management HacksWhen starting a success business in any industry, one needs to have solid understanding of empathy. You’re goal as a business owner is to satisfy every customer, but let’s face it, not every customer can be satisfied. As a business owner, you’re not only at the mercy of your customers, but also the World Wide Web!

 I want you, as a business owner, to put yourself into the shoes of your customer. If you felt you were mistreated or you’re unhappy with the service/product, what can be done to find some sort of resolution? How can the situation be rectified? These are the questions you should ask yourself as a business owner.  According to a new survey conducted by Dimensional Research, an overwhelming 90 percent of respondents who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions, while 86 percent said buying decisions were influenced by negative online reviews – https://www.zendesk.com/resources/customer-service-and-lifetime-customer-value.  86 percent is a significant and glaring number. I’ve listed what I think can help you management potential negative online reviews.

  1. Don’t Give Your Customers a Reason to Write Negative Reviews

 Easier said than done, I know, but you need to be on you A game at all times when conducting business. Consumers operated on emotions and if they feel like they’ve been slighted or mistreated, they’ll take their money and run for the hills. Go above and beyond for your customer on the front end, leaving no room for negative ramifications on the back end.  As stated before, you cannot please every single customer, but you need to make it a priority. Don’t lose sight of your business goals, as customers are the most integral part.

  1. Address Issues Immediately!!

 If you do receive a negative online review, make it a point to address the customer’s complaint immediately, as it shows you truly care. Ask the customer for honest feedback and offer a solution to appease them. Take the criticism very seriously, but stay clam in your response. For example – “We pride ourselves on our product/service and reputation, so please let us know how we can make this right or what we can improve on”

  1. Let the Public See Your Response

 Where ever the review is published, be sure to comment on the review stating you’ve successfully addressed the issue with the customer.  This is very important, as it shows not only  you care about the customer, but also your business reputation. When consumers are scanning reviews, if they see a business response to a negative review, they might give a little more trust.

  1. Urge Customers to Leave Online Reviews

By encouraging your existing and new customer base to write positive reviews, you can make up for the negatives. Don’t be forceful when asking them to write reviews, as you don’t want to present yourself as desperate. With enough positive reviews, those one or two negatives reviews will be overlooked or get overshadowed.

So, the takeaway from the above is to ensure you’re providing excellent customer service at all times. This removes the guessing game on how a customer will react. If they react negatively, you have some simple guidelines to follow. Never response harshly to a negative review, as it can be the ultimate demise of your business.


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